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San Jose Del Monte is a highly populated suburban city in the province of Bulacan and is considered as the “balcony of the metro”. It is the largest town in the province in terms of land area and population. Further, it is one of the biggest resettlement areas in the country, where former residents in nearby Metro Manila towns were relocated by the national government.  San Jose Del Monte is composed two districts with a combined total of 59 barangays. Barangay Minuyan, where Winter Breeze Homes Bulacan is situated, belongs to the 2nd district. 

San Jose Del Monte is an agribusiness city, with its major income earner being the small-scale and large-scale swine production farms. There are also a relatively large number of livestock and poultry farms, vegetable farms, and fruit plantations scattered within the city. The city’s major business district areas are in wholesale and retail trade.

The main tourist attractions in the city are the Mount Balagbag and the Kaytitinga Falls. Mount Balagbag is located along the borderlines of two provinces - Bulacan (towns of Norzagaray and San Jose Del Monte) and Rizal (town of Rodriguez). It is the 2nd highest mountain in Bulacan province, with its highest peak’s elevation of 777 meters above sea level, making it a popular destination among trekkers, campers, and mountaineers. Its summit, which serves as a campsite that can accommodate tents, provide a majestic view of the natural landscape of Metro Manila, Bulacan, and Rizal. Kaytitinga Falls is located within the premises of Mount Balagbag. The falls is characterized by huge rocks that formed into three distinctive layers. Like Mount Balagbag, it is a popular destination among tourists.

Winter Breeze Homes Bulacan is easily accessible by private and public transportation. It is in close proximity to two big malls in the city – the Starmall San Jose Del Monte and the SM City San Jose Del Monte, that will surely give the residents an easily accessible and relaxed shopping experience. Only approximately 5.1 kilometers away is the Starmall San Jose Del Monte. It is the first ever Starmall constructed in the province and houses a large number of food outlets, restaurants, cinemas, shops, and an Al Fresco garden. The SM City San Jose Del Monte, on the other hand, is a little farther with a distance of approximately 8.6 kilometers or a 25-minute drive. Recently established just in 2016, it is the 57th mall owned and operated by SM Prime Holdings and the third SM Supermall in the province. It has a gross floor area of 101,407 square meters and a total land area of 60,193 square meters. It consists five levels, two of which are allotted for basement parking and three levels for commercial use. It features a wide range of retail and specialized shops like the SM Store, SM Supermarket, Cyberzone, beauty shops, a pharmacy, fashion boutiques, eyewear shops, three al fresco dining areas with lots of restaurant and fast food chain options that provide a pleasant dining experience to the shoppers, four sophisticated and modern digital cinemas, amusement centers, and health and wellness centers.

Moreover, parents will not have difficulty finding a school for their children since there is a wide range of school options within the proximity of Winter Breeze Homes Bulacan. The Goldenville Elementary School is approximately just 1.1 kilometers away from the subdivision. While for high school students, Minuyan High School Towerville is just approximately 550 meters in distance. There are also several private schools scattered across Barangay Minuyan which cater to all school levels from pre-elementary to college. For senior high school students, there is the Bestlink College of the Philippines. The General MacArthur Memorial Academy offers secondary level education to students. The following schools, on the other hand, cater to pre-elementary and elementary students: the Bulacan Higher Ground Christian, the Corithhills Learning Center, Inc., the Emmanuel Christian School (Towerville) Inc., the Sta. Barbara School (Bulacan) Inc., and the Yeshua's Child Christian Academy, Inc. (up to 4th grade only). Lastly, the JC Excellente Christian Academy, Inc., the Liceo de Daniel School, Inc., and the Living Image Academy of SJDM, Inc. (Little Image Dev't Academy) all accepts students from pre-elementary level to junior high school level. The above mentioned schools are just some of the recognized schools within the barangay of Minuyan. A huge number of other schools, both public and private, can be found within the city of San Jose Del Monte.

For residents who wish to spend quiet time or spend Sunday mass or worship and religious activities in churches, San Jose Del Monte houses six major churches such as the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Church (approximately 7.5 kilometers away from Winter Breeze Homes), the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto Shrine (approximately 8.2 kilometers away), the Parokya ni San Pedro Apostol Church (approximately 8.4 kilometers away), the San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila Parish (approximately 10.2 kilometers away) and the St. Joseph the Worker Parish Church (11.4 kilometers away).

Hospitals and health clinics are also abundant within the area. The city’s public hospital, the Ospital ng Lungsod ng San Jose Del Monte, is located within the 6.3 kilometers distance from Winter Breeze Homes Bulacan via Dr. Eduardo V. Roquero Sr. Avenue. It can also be accessed via the main road, the Del Monte – Norzagaray Rd., but in approximately 8.3 kilometers distance. Other hospitals include Grace General Hospital (6.1 kilometers), Skyline Hospital and Medical Center (7.1 kilometers), Qualimed Hospital (8.9 kilometers), Zamora Medical Clinic (9.8 kilometers), Bermudez Polymedic (10.7 kilometers), and much more.

For sports enthusiasts, the city of San Jose Del Monte also features a bowling center, a tennis court, and a golf course. There are also cockpit arenas, a numerous number of resorts for leisure activities, hotels and motels for travelers, plenty of bars and restaurants, department stores, specialty shops, convenience stores, pasalubong centers, spa and wellness centers, travel agencies, banks, and ATMs.

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